Visitors Information

Welcome to your first visit to our church. We hope that we can make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Where are we?

Public transport to Moonee Ponds

St Thomas is located near the busy Moonee Ponds junction. It is conveniently accessed by Tram or Bus. Two tram routes (59, 82) and a dozen bus routes pass through the interchange here. Parking is available in the centre of Mt Alexander Road or on the church premises.


Our main building is accessible directly from Mt Alexander Road.

Childrens ministry is located in the Education Centre, located in the building left of the main church entrance.

Toilets are located through the walkway to the rear of the Education Centre.


Disabled car parking is dedicated outside the building.

Ramp access is provided on request. A disabled toilet is onsite.


Children aged 4 years and up are welcome to join the Kids 4 Christ program during the 10am service and head over to the Education Centre during the service. Parents are welcome to escort their children across and stay with them or head back for the service in the church.
Map of facilities and parking


Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable in when you come to our services.


Our service will typically last an hour, and you can participate as you feel comfortable. We simply ask that you remember to silence or turn off your phone to not cause any distractions. The words for responses and singing are displayed on the projector screen. The offering is for regular members of the church with no expectation of visitors. we are simply glad to have you with us. So that we can get to know you more, please do not leave immediately after the service finishes and join us for morning tea and refreshments. If you have any questions about the bible readings , the sermon or anything else please do not hesitate to ask someone about it.

If the morning service is too formal, then you might like to attend a more contemporary service at 5pm.


Gluten free communion is available and is provided on request. Please let your welcomer know so this can be organised for you.

Name Tags

Regular members are encouraged to speak to the office about a name tag.  The are made to order and cost $10.  Please wear them to help visitors learn your name.


If you would like further information about joining one of our small groups or even attending an introductory course about Christianity, please give your details to a welcomer.